Foot in Mouth


I am a man of my word and I admit when I am wrong. It’s time to NOT leave Johnny alone, because now he has gone too far accepting money for his autographs. ┬áThis is some Terrell Pryor type idiocy (traded memorabilia for tattoos). Johnny Manziel doesn’t come from the hood and poverty stricken areas that he would need this money, instead he comes from Tyler, Texas. I still standby the fact that Johnny Manziel partying and such doesn’t mean hes a horrible person or takes away from his on-field performances. I know drinking is against the law, but every college student does it so ease up on that argument and focus on what is against the NCAA Laws, accepting payment for any reason. Joe Schad reported that it appeared Manziel and his assistant said they would not sign any more autographs without proper payment. If this all turns out to be true, Johnny Football could be looking at a suspension and we could be looking at the end of Johnny Football ( a bit extreme I know). Do I think it’s wrong how much revenue these kids produce for universities without seeing a dime? Yes, but most if not all, receive free educations from prestigious colleges that I couldn’t have gotten into. Don’t take it for granted guys, cherish these years while they last. Your money will come soon!┬áBut, I have changed my opinion on Manziel and this kid needs to be sat down and told to straighten up now because he’s walking down the wrong path.


Leave Johnny Alone!



Johnny Manziel a.k.a Johnny Football has been the talk of the NCAA since last season’s performance, which led to him becoming the first ever Freshman to win the Heisman. Most of the news about Manziel since then has been worrisome relating to his off the field activities. Since last year it has been public knowledge that Manziel likes to have a good time and will definitely enjoy the sweet life of a college quarterback. Throughout this off season Manziel has been criticized and closely watched by the media waiting to pounce on his next move. Johnny Football has not let us down one beat. He has been photographed, Twitter snapped and even caught napping at the wrong time. It is my opinion that we are watching Johnny Football too close as if his life is a reality show.


Now things have taken a turn for the worst as the NCAA is investigating Manziel for profiting off of signed memorabilia. Jay Bilas from ESPN, who is known for challenging the NCAA’s sanctions and actions taken into improper benefit cases, brought up an interesting point this morning; he said that last week Texas A&M made $20,000 of Manziel by auctioning him off for a day, but they will turn around and punish him for selling a few autographs. Listen, I know he broke the rules and that he should punished accordingly, but it is my belief that the rules should be altered. Let these kids make money, but put a cap on it or something along those lines.

Back to Johnny now. I think we are keeping too close of an eye on a 20 year old kid who is trying to live a normal college life. Yes, many say that he should act responsibly because he is supposed to be a role model, but a 20 year old isn’t necessarily going to think that way. Walk a mile in his shoes before you start telling him how to act, Mark May (College Football Analyst from ESPN). Maybe he should watch what he does a little more closely, but maybe the media should get off his back for one day and stop watching every move he makes or every drink he takes. Let the kid develop on and off the football field and when he makes or doesn’t make the NFL then criticize him and judge him based on his “adult” actions.