Jacoby Ellsbury may have gotten overpaid but…

It does not matter how much money the Yankees paid Ellsbury, he’s in pinstripes and that is all that matters. The Yankees will pay any amount to put the best product in the Bronx. As a Mets fan I envy the Yankees spending habits. News is the Mets signed Curtis Granderson which is a step in the right direction but if the Mets would have signed Ellsbury to the deal he just got with the Yankees I would have been furious. Now it’s time to wait 5 months to see Ellsbury on the field, healthy. That’s all Yankees fans want to see. I’ll make a prediction right now that Ellsbury, just like former Yank and Red Sox Johnny Damon, will be a hit in the Bronx and love the short porch/second deck of Yankee Stadium.

Also gonna make the prediction that Ellsbury will wear #22.

Jacoby Ellsbury

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