The very short story of ‘The Woody Johnson Circus’!!!

When you walk through the ticket booth at the Woody Johnson Circus and look towards the attractions in front of you, there is a carousel.  On that carousel are around 50 New York Jets football players riding, Rex Ryan’s coaching staff stand by their sides, John Idzik and Ryan sit on the largest stallions on the carousel, and Mister Johnson is atop the dragon that dwarfs all the other carousel animals.  Woody Johnson hops down from the dragon and yells “Lets go to the spinning TEA CUPS!!!” to coach Rex Ryan as he exits the saddle of his stallion.  Spinning in those tea cups sit Al Groh, Herman Edwards and Eric Mangini waiting for the operator to start the ride.  Woody tells Rex that he can go sit in the lone tea cup that remains and steps away to watch them spin.  Johnson twiddles his thumbs and says to himself “Soon Rex will be just like the others. Crushed by the power of the woody johnson. Unable to succeed and stuck without a quarterback!!! HAHAHAHA!!!”  Woody walks back to the carousel to find Geno Smith, Matt Simms, Mark Sanchez and David Garrard where the lone players left on the ride.”  As the carousel turns Woody notices that Brett Favre has gotten on the carousel accompanied by Tim Tebow on a Gator and Jenn Sterger riding Rex Ryan’s stallion dressed in a deer hide.  The carousel continues to rotate and there sits none other than Kellen Clemens holding onto a rams horns being chased by Greg McElroy on an elephant.  Woody Johnson runs back to see if Rex was finished spinning on the tea cups.  But he wasn’t surprised when he go back  as somehow Rex and Mangini found the only hot dog stand at the circus and were woofing down dogs in handfuls.  The point here is that Rex Ryan, Eric Mangini, Herm Edwards, and Al Groh are all one dimensional coaches.  Rex and Mangini had a longer leash than Herm and Al which means that if Woody parts with Rex, John Idzik will have the  task of finding a coach that himself and Johnson agree on in turn causing a power struggle that will not allow the coach to reach his potential. In the 13 years Johnson has been at the helm, the Jets offense has been in the top 15 of the NFL just three times with the highest being ranked 13th in 2011.  What Woody Johnson refuses to acknowledge is that nobody likes a ‘know-it-all’ and that is how he is viewed.  It’s time for Woody to step back and hand the reigns of the circus over to the ones who know how build a football team.  It’s too bad that when I refer to “the ones who know how to run a football team” John Idzik is not one of them.  It’s going to be a long five years of ‘rebuilding’ again with Rex Ryan or whoever else decides to join the circus along with [Insert Quarterback Name Here].



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