Week 3: The Real Start of the Season.

I apologize for not giving insights to the previous couple of college football games. I, however, intend, to not miss another week. This post is intended to breakdown the top 25 match ups throughout the college world. Unfortunately, this week holds a grudge match between two teams from last year. By that, I refer to the early Sunday NFL game that is Texas A&M and Alabama. With that in hand, let the madness begin!!

#25 Ole MIss. vs. Texas

With the 550 rushing yards giving up from Texas defense, the once prominent and powerful longhorns have fallen from grace. The one possible chance that can save Texas and bring them back in the polls is this chance Texas is a powerful offense and David Ash does have a plethora of weapons. Texas has the ability to beat this upcoming young Ole MIss team, but the key is defense. the defense has to shutdown the experienced receiving corps. This Big twelve defense has another task poised in front. This SEC team has the always speedy and illusive Jeff Scott. Texas is able to win if they shut them down. Ole Miss has a multitude of play makers to be shutdown on offense. Ole Miss is going to walk out of this game with a win and a statement that this team has been pieced to be a legitimate threat for South Carolina, LSU, and Georgia. Ole Miss wins 31- 21.

#24 TCU vs. Texas Tech

This is going to be an interesting game and I will say this is upset alert for the Red Raiders. TCU played LSU and lost by ten points. The next week they win by three scores but this does not matter. TCU’s defense will not match up with the up tempo no huddle that the Air Raid Raiders have to offer. In addition, the Red raider’s defense has improved a lot more recently and they are ready to be the wall that has been expected all these years. upset alert with Texas Tech winning 45-24. Sorry TCU.

#21 Notre Dame vs. Purdue

Notre Dame falls as expected because they are not as potent as they used to be. Notre Dame will win with Tommy Rees having another strong game. The defense for Notre Dame is the main concern at the moment. Purdue does not have a great offense, but Notre Dame’s defense surrendered 34 points last week which is unheard. The team was second last year in allowing the least amount of points. It is proven the team can score, but the Notre Dame defense must do its job and deny Purdue.  Notre dame takes an easy win 34- 17

#20 Wisconsin vs. Arizona State

This is going to be a fun game to watch and keep you stopped until the end. For Both teams, this is the real match up for the year and each one can win the game. I have to give it to WIsconsin at the moment. Wisconsin is prized to be more complete and impressive compared to its opponent. They have a dominant line along with the running game. All three running backs already have at least 250 yards rushing and this has been accomplished by 3 separate backs. Their quarterback (Joel Stave) has 416 passing yards with 7 tds and 2 picks. Overall, Wisconsin looks very good in his game and I look forward to seeing how well they perform. Wisconsin walks away with a nice win, but Purdue will put up points unlike the sub division A teams. 31-17 Wisconsin.

#19 Washington vs. Illinois

Washington performed a smart move by including a bye week between the past #19 ranked Boise State and Illinois so they can prepare for the long road ahead. Look for Bishop Sankey (junior) to have another strong performance against the Illini defense which has already surrendered 100 yards per game to two sub division teams. Illinois has also surrendered too many points (41 combined) to these sub division teams. Washington comes in with quarterback Keith Price ready to go and looking phenomenal off the first game performance. However, Washington’s real surprise will be the defense which only allowed Boise State to score two field goals. Washington wins 31-10.

#17 Northwestern vs. W. Michigan

Northwestern has proven me wrong in the past two weeks so I am prepared to do this right, unless they wanna lose to Western Michigan. This team has outscored the previous two teams who are not sub division teams. Northwestern’s passing game with Trevor Siemian leading is a potent attack group. In addition,  Treyvon Green has aided the team in a unopposed running game with already 4 total rushing touchdowns. Northwestern wins 38-10 with a strong performance by Siemian.

#16 UCLA vs. #23 Nebraska

I am not going with an upset alert. The reason is almost the same with Washington. This UCLA team has proven to have a strong batch of starters. The UCLA team looks to continue their defensive prowess against a very potent offensive unit. Tyler Martinez leads the Cornhuskers and has looked excellent through the first couple of weeks. The main fight for this game will be the Huskers offense and the UCLA offense. I expect UCLA to control the tempo with the run and to put the game in hand early on. UCLA wins 31-17,

#14 Oklahoma vs. Tulsa

This one is not even close like most of the remaining games. Tulsa can barely stand up to teams in their own division nowadays. Oklahoma comes in the game at home and awaiting a weak C-USA team. The strongest player in the game will Brennan Clay the runningback for Oklahoma. He has already accumulated 213 running yards with 1 touchdown in the season. The Oklahoma team has allowed 7 points in both games which is the lowest in the entire country. Oklahoma wins this no problem with no sweat or tears shed from it. 45-6 Oklahoma.

#13 South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt

This is a much more interesting game to watch. South Carolina looks to bounce back from the close loss last week to Georgia. Clowney has knocked himself out of the heisman race for the moment, but he could resurface with a strong performance against this Vanderbilt offense. Look for the Matthews to be the leading receiver in this game as Vanderbilt will throw a lot since South Carolina takes an early lead. South Carolina comes out on top though, 31-13.

#12 Oklahoma State. vs. Lamar

Another interesting game to watch out for. All the speculations and scandals about Oklahoma State can distract the team having an easy win in this sub division game. However, I could not see Oklahoma State, who is now the power house of the Big 12, side tracked that much to surrender a fair amount of points to Lamar. More or less, I could not see the Oklahoma State team side tracked to not put up enough points against this sub division defense. This game should be over around the 3rd quarter for Oklahoma State taking an easy win at home and not worrying about the scandals involving their school. Oklahoma State wins 38-10.

#11 Michigan vs. Akron

Last week Michigan accomplished the Notre Dame game as I expected they would. Devin Gardner looks good, but his full potential has not been tapped into just yet. The team scored a high 34 points against the stingy Notre Dame whom allowed very little points last year to Michigan. With Gardner, the team will take this game in an instant and not worry about this MAC opponent knocking at their doorstep. Michigan wins 45-16.

#10 Florida State. vs. Nevada.

I would say this is an upset alert, but I called the pittsburgh vs. Florida State game completely wrong and for that I apologize to the Florida State program. This team comes in from a bye with their freshman sensation Jameis Winston emerging as a strong candidate for december. Weinston knows how to throw the ball with some purpose and how to lead an efficient attack. This is something that Florida State has looked for in their QB’s in the past but the defense has always carried them. I think Florida State keeps it close until the second half when they open it up and bench the starters with ten minutes left in the game. Florida State wins 42-15.

#8 LSU vs. Kent State

This is another strong game for the seeding team. Mettenberger has transformed into a strong quarterback who can control his offense. In addition, Kent State has not been the same team. Look for LSU’s defense to shut down Kent State and bring this game to an end quickly. However, I think Kent State has a good chance to beat their matchup in the top 10 out of all the lower teams playing against the others this week. They have a  dyanmic team who scores consistently at times, but they must out produce the home team. If they were home, I would give Kent State a higher score, but LSU stays strong with a 31-20 win.

#7 Louisville vs. Kentucky

This is Louisville’s first challenge of the entire year and a semi strong one. Bridgewater looks to continue his campaign with already 800 passing yards and seven touchdowns against the weak Kentucky team. Kentucky has been a weak team in the SEC consistently. I cannot see Louisville going wrong in this game considering they are a stronger team, but Kentucky is an SEC team and they are home. So, I can see this game being close for a while, but the talent between the two teams will begin to show and Louisville wins 35-13 against the SEC team.

#5 Stanford vs. Army

Stanford comes into this game giving a strong performance in their opener. Now, they go to Army to play the knights who have a knack for running the ball…like a lot. Gaffney has already accumulated 100 yards and 2 touchdowns in his debut nad looks to increase on the performance throughout the game. Army will be routed very quickly in this game despite being home and having a potent run game. The end score will be a little close, but the Cardinals will prevail. 28-17 goes to the Cardinals and they survive another week.

#4 Ohio State vs. California 

This is a bit of a strong one to look at. Braxton Miller is hurt and does not look like he did last year. In addition, Ohio State is going to play at California and these Golden Bears are looking for an upset alert win. They missed their chance against Northwestern in the season opener. Now, they have another shoot at taking down a top 25 team and Ohio State looks a little weak right now. Their defense looks terrible since they have surrendered so many points to weaker teams. I expect California to win by double digist, but this occurs towards the end as Miller tries to throw the ball and it is taken the other way. Cali wins 35-24.

#2 Oregon vs. Tennessee

I am not going to take long on this one. Oregon is still potent even without Chip Kelly’s offensive prowess there. The team is averaging more points with him gone than before. The original black mamba looks to turn things up with Mariota against Tennessee. The offense will be too much for this Tennessee defense which ends up in their route already. The defense will cause turnovers against Bray and the volunteers to the point that the game is out of hand in the 2nd quarter. Oregon wins 59-14 in this game.

#1 Alabama vs. #6 Texas A&M

Two of the best teams around go head to head as Nick Saban is out for sweet sweet vengeance against Manziel. Although McCarron does not look like the strong heisman candidate they were boasting about, it does not matter. The A&M defense has been almost non existent in the past couple of games. Manziel has 6 touchdowns with around 400 passing yards, but not a lot of rushing yards in hand. Look for multiple blitzs to hinder Manziel in this game. Saban has already looked all the tape on Manziel and made a sound proof strategy. He has even had a bye week to plan the game out and prep both sides of his teams to defeat A&M. The only thing to save Manziel is his line and receivers. If the line holds nad the receivers somehow get open against this athletic and powerful secondary, Manziel may pull this game out. In addition, the Aggies are also home which could help them with having McCarron not hear the snap count and the defense getting an advantage over Bama. I am going with roll tide since they are the more poweful and all around team from what I have seen in the one game they had.  31-17. Roll tide

Well, these are the predictions for the week. Thanks for reading and see you next week. Remember you heard the word from here.

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