Week 1 Picks

Okay so this is just to get back in the swing of things but I’ll make this quick, sorta: (Winners are in bold)

GIANTS vs. Cowboys – Well it’s the day after but I would’ve taken my G-Men based on the fact that we beat em last year and we looked poised to defend our title in our own house on the national stage … but I was wrong! AND THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS

Colts @  BEARS– Jay Cutler, barring an injury or his offensive line continuing its tumultuous run, will take it to a defense-less Colts team. This Bears Defense is salivating at an awful Colts offensive line and a rookie QB, yes I know it’s Andrew Luck, but regardless I’m going Bears because Cutler is once again hooked up with Brandon Marshall and Forte’s healthy.

EAGLES @ Browns – Eagles simply because the Browns are bad, or so we think. Weeden is a 28 year old rookie and Trent is already hurt and their best defensive player is suspended? Eagles might finally make people in Philly believe again and not throw snowballs at Santa.

Rams @ LIONS – The Lions shocked a lot of people last year with how well they played. Their defense was shaky at times and will probably continue to be. They basically have no running game unless Kevin Smith stays healthy (good luck with that). Stafford and Megatron will run a mock at Ford Field yet again this year, unless the Madden Curse veers its ugly head.

PATRIOTS @ Titans – The hoodie is a mastermind of offense now, weird huh? Brady & Co. will make mince meat of the Titans D that is surprisingly adequate, but with Jake Locker behind center and almost no one to throw to without Britt Patriots will score 35+. Chris Johnson is hoping to get back to CJ2K form and so are his fantasy owners, and it can start here against a pretty bad Pats D. But who needs to play defense when your QB averages 38 TDs and 9 Ints over his last 4 seasons played.

FALCONS @ Chiefs – Falcons are poised and should make a run at the Saints this year as Julio Jones showed he can be a force, which frees up the secondary for Rowdy Roddy. Turner can still run even though hes beat up, but Jacquizz can be their Sproles and their D should be better this year even with the loss of Curtis Lofton, replaced by Akeem Dent. The Chiefs can surprise a lot of people by going back to the 2010 team that went 10-6 and ran the ball over 500 times, now they have a healthy Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis. Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe should have good years I am picking ATL, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chiefs win in Arrowhead, which is a tough place to go into and win.

JAGUARS @ Vikings – This is a toss-up. I am going with the Jaguars simply because their offense is much better considering the Vikes offense is just AP who is not going to play as much. I know MJD is only playing 3rd downs, but Jennings is a good fill-in and I think Gabbert is going to be better than Ponder, and Justin Blackmon has 3x the talent of any Vikes’ receiver even with his latest injury.

Redskins @ SAINTS – Yes, the coach is suspended, but is the guy who broke the single season passing yards record? Um, NO. The Saints will pour on points like they usually do, but the Skins are no longer offensive slouches themselves with RGIII, Garcon and a committee of running backs that may or may not include Kyle Shannahan. No way they outscore the Saints offense, but the Skins will be fiesty this year!

BILLS @ Jets – Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve been ranting about the Bills D all offseason. Wait till you see how much of a difference one man can make, Super Mario. The Jets offense looked bad because it isn’t good. Sanchez is a decent QB, 26 Tds 18 Int (nothing wrong here) and over 3,000 yards, but his targets are WAHntonio Holmes and Dustin Keller (injured). His RB runs with no steam, but Stephen Hill can maybe be a surprise this year. Fitzpatrick and Stevie Johnson will enjoy a good year together this year!

Dolphins @ TEXANS – People are still raving about the Texans D, yes they will be good but they’re missing two of their best players in Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans, tough to replace them. The Dolphins won’t be scoring a lot this year without a single WR who has ever come close to 1,000 receiving yards, Reggie Bush has the most career receptions on the team. The Texans offense will be better with a healthy Schaub and Owen Daniels AND Andre Johnson, and the best 1-2 punch with Foster and Tate.

49ers @ PACKERS – Niners are going to be better this year, not necessarily record wise, scary right? They have added Manningham, Randy Moss, and LaMichael James. Too many offensive weapons for a team that basically just runs the ball, tries to not let its QB turn the ball over and let’s the D handle its business (Jets circa 4 years ago?). The Packers will overpower them with Rodgers’ arm. Hey look! The Packers have a legitimate running back for the first time in three years, too!

Seahawks @ CARDINALS – Both teams aren’t really that good, but I suspect one of them will surprise the world and finish 8-8 or 9-7. I am picking the Cardinals because Skelton wins and he still has Larry Fitzgerald. Their Defense is okay and the Seahawks is underrated, but I think the Seahawks offense is just lacking without a true #1 WR at this point. Braylon will surprise many this year if he stays healthy and Russell Wilson, who knows yet??

PANTHERS @ Bucs – Freeman has a load of talent around him now. But the Defense is still pretty bad and Cam will take advantage of that. Freeman, VJax and Doug Martin may score some points on the Panthers defense, but they will not outscore the Panthers.

Steelers @ BRONCOS – Peyton’s return will not be spoiled. The Broncos defense will also surprise many this year. Unless the Steelers put Jonathan Dwyer in the game they will have a tough time running the ball. Big Ben will be on his backside a lot with Von and Elvis playing on Sunday night. It’ll be a great game, but I pick the Broncos to squeak out a win for Peyton in his new home opener.

Bengals @ RAVENS – The Bengals will be as good as they were last year and I think that’s their max. Gresham might improve but the Law firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis will put up Cedric Benson type numbers, and AJ Green will keep being a monster, but how good is there D again and can these Bengals stay out of another orange uniform (jail for those of you who don’t get it). The Ravens, even without Terrell Suggs will be a physical force as Flacco connects with maturing Torrey Smith, who opens up lanes for Ray Rice AND Anquan Boldin (finally).

Chargers @ RAIDERS– Battle of the “Who knows what could happen in 2012?” I am taking the Raiders because they are at home and McFadden is healthy. In addition, Ryan Mathews will not be playing and Rivers’ targets only got worse with the loss of Vincent Jackson. Yes I know Meachem is fast, but if he wasn’t THAT good in New Orleans why would  he be here? Antonio Gates needs to be big in this game for S.D. and Darrius Heyward-Bey needs to play like a first rounder finally for the Raiders. Carson Palmer try not to throw 3 picks okay?

Thanks check back  next week for Week 2 picks!

Those are my two cents … cash them in !


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