Ailin’ in New York

Amar’e has given his whole body and heart to the Knicks, quite literally. Amar’e has bulging disks in his back and may be done for the season. This man’s body is breaking down before our very eyes and we are on the hook for a lot of money owed to him. What do the Knicks do now? It is being rumored that we will go with a small lineup as Carmelo Anthony may fill in as the Power Forward, while Amar’e gets his back checked for possible surgery. The red-hot knicks are now back at .500 for the first time since parting ways with Mike D’Antoni and are running into injury issues once again. But they are playing inspired basketball and are making a push to move up the playoff seedings and possibly toward the Atlantic Division crown. Boston is also on the charge as the 76ers seem to be playing mere .500 basketball no better than the Knicks or Celts.

This will be Melo’s time to shine as it was last night against the 9th place Bucks without Amar’e and Lin. He put up 28 points shot 12/12 FTs, and grabbed 12 rebounds. J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert most likely will be splitting a lot of minutes now if Amar’e is out and Melo slides over to the “4”, Landry Fields would then slide over to the “3” leaving the door open for those two. Josh Harrelson, whom I have met in person, will see an increase in minutes and so will Jarred Jeffries I’m sure because of his good defensive play. This will be a make or break run for the Knicks, and with their showing last night against a team that was made better by a deadline deal, I have faith in them. It’ll be tough considering all of the adjustments that this team, and most others, have had to go through during this shortened and clustered season. The Knicks are now 7-1 under Woodson who has rallied this team and has them playing defense no one could have ever imagined from these Knicks. The Knicks must continue this play, without their best asset so far under the Woodson era, Amar’e Stoudemire. Without Amar’e they can roll into the playoffs but it’ll be impossible for them to make noise or damage throughout without Stat in the lineup.

Those are my two cents … cash em in if you wish!


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