Not to Be Forgotten…

In one of my previous posts I neglected two superstars from the MVP discussion this year. Although I still believe that Kobe Bryant, now the Masked Mamba still deserves the MVP nod, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul are both more than worthy of at least some if not a plethora of votes.

Durant averaging 28.2 PPG and 7.9 RPG, but has his team on top of the league. The problem that will hurt Durant is the existence of Russell Westbrook. Durant has led his team in points every season since he came into the league in the ’07-’08, and has been at least the MVP of his own team since those years. He has won the Rookie of the Year Award as well as a scoring title, in other words he has been lighting up scoreboards since his first year. This year Durant has been nothing but clutch, sans that Rocket game where no Thunder player could hit water if they fell off boat. The guy is a physical anomaly in the sense that he’s 6’10”, but has the frame of a child. You look at most NBA players these days and they are in shape, but Durant is thin and lanky, which just makes his game that much more remarkable. He won’t be the strongest guy on the court, but he’ll give you as much effort as some who are. In other words, his biggest muscle is the one that counts the most and should earn him an MVP award in his career, his heart.

Lastly, we have Chris Paul, Mr. CP3. Chris Paul begun his beautification of the national scene since stepping onto the court at Wake Forest. After leaving the Hornets this year in a trade to the Los Angeles Clippers A.K.A. Lob City, Paul been placed into a bigger market with more eyes on him and sharing a building with Kobe Bryant and the “Big Brother” Lakers. Paul has led the complete makeover for the formerly nonexistent with 19.7 PPG, 8.3 APG, 3.5 RPG (he’s a 6’0″ Point Guard mind you) as well as 2.3 SPG. Paul can read the court on both sides of the ball better than most if not all in the NBA averaging 2.4 PPG. The Clippers have had many additions to their team this season, but the clear most significant addition has been Paul. They needed a leader, an MVP to take control of the team and help them continue their growth instead of stall as it seemed they may. Paul is the answer for the Clippers, and they will develop into a powerhouse over this year and however long Paul is there for. Paul most likely will not get the majority vote, but his argument will definitely be heard.

Those are my two cents … cash em in if you want!


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