Here we go again!

It’s a rematch. It’s the best thing that could happen to a league coming off a lockout, in which many believed that so much more would be lost, but the only thing lost was one of the Super Bowl quarterback’s brother, some guy named Peyton Manning. So here we come to a rematch of one of the greatest Superbowl’s ever … That’s right I said that.

18-0 Patriots, an offensive juggernaut with a defense that did it’s job … of keeping the other team from scoring more points than its own offense, against the 13-6 Road Warrior New York Football Giants. Patriots looking to go down in history as only the second team ever to not lose a game all year and the Giants trying to make the 1972 Dolphins remain alone atop of THAT mountain a little bit longer. We all know how this went … 18-1 is all you have to say to upset people in New England.

So here we are staring at a 6:30 February 5th, 2012 redo for both teams. Just like four years ago, they’ve already played this year and it came down to the final moments of the game. It’ll just add to the Boston vs. New York rivalry, although these two teams aren’t truly rivals, it doesn’t mean bad blood doesn’t exist. Two of the most clutch Quarterbacks in history will stare each other down from sideline to sideline on Sunday and one’s hand will get a little heavier with some more hardware on it Sunday night. So here’s to the rematch and the craziness that will ensue this week leading up to the game … the football boxes, the media conferences, the interviews, the ESPN coverage and obsession, the food and beverages, the hundreds of props in Vegas, and finally here’s to the game itself and the luster of it all.

Those are my two cents … cash them in if you wish!


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