The Tiger Prince-ss

Here we go again ladies and gentlemen … Another superstar leaving for the green. This guy came out in the middle of a playoff series and basically waived the white flag on his own team and said his goodbyes as they were trying to make a postseason push to the promised land. Prince-ss Fielder didn’t know where the next chapter was going to be in his own book, but he was well aware where it wouldn’t be and it was with his brothers-in-arms as he spoke out about his upcoming free agency. This is what I hate about sports, why don’t you close your mouth and go out there and play the game. Can you imagine you spending every day with someone for 9 straight months and then suddenly the guy’s coming out saying yeah I’m leaving?

But, we’re not even done yet? He didn’t care. All Princess could see were the dollar signs and a huge contract, with what he was hoping would be a long tenure for someone whose knees are sure not to be able to hold up … just ask his father and the former Met Mo Vaughn. I only say former Met because of course the Metropolitans know best about what factor a player’s weight can play into his health. Now I know I am saying this and I have never been offered a $214 million dollar contract to play a sport. But I do know that I would never insult my comrades in such a fashion as Princess did. It was classless, cowardly, and down right unprofessional, in other words … it was WRONG. But hey, the guy just cashed in for over two hundred million and he’ll continue to produce as long as he stays healthy … it’ll never make that approach and that attitude to the game right in any sense.

Those are my two cents … cash em in if you must!

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